PAZ is a website that was created by Kitty Huang, Noelle Wilmering, Mike Hennessey and myself (Anjelica Maglinao) for a course we took called GBDA 228.  We created this website to promote a mockup company called PAZ (meaning peace in spanish) to encourage volunteering experiences for university students. I was able to contribute to this project by planning out the wireframes, mockup, design the logo and assist Kitty Huang with the final website design. 


For our website, we wanted to include the follwing:

  • Discover the volunteer experiences abroad that they’re looking for

  • Apply to volunteer experiences

  • Be able to get matched to the right volunteer experience

  • Retrieve detailed and correct information on what their volunteer experience would entail

  • Find Support for and answers to questions or concerns they may have

  • Interact with other volunteers

  • Read about past success stories

  • Donate to our Cause

Once my team decided what content should be on the website, we worked together creating our wireframes by using Balsamiq. We then presented them to our classmates to hear their opinions and suggestions to prepare to make changes before I created the mockups. 


For the mockup of our website, we used two volunteer organizations as our reference.



We wanted to create a relatively simple layout with general information readily available including the starting price of trips and the organization’s overall mission.


Our team wanted to avoid making our website layout look cluttered and decided to use neutral colours so that it won’t look overwhelming. For the color scheme I used the Headache Palette from COLORlovers and the font I used for the PAZ logo was Armonioso. It was our goal to make our website easy to use and straightforward when it comes to viewing the content. We wanted to create a website design that involves these words to describe our organization: adventure, experience, social justice, peace, solidarity, spiritual, insightful, eye-opening, community, volunteer, and travel.



For the final design, we used a template that contained bootstrap and jquery. We adjusted the HTML and CSS and imported our visual assets.


We decided to make the website flat design so it would be easier for our users to navigate easily.  

Anjelica Maglinao 2016