This was an app design project a group of students and myself created for our GBDA 228 course. This is the logo design I created for the app which is called Cloud 9. We wanted to create a uplifting and motivation type of app where our users would be able to create anonymous messages for the app users to receive daily.



Lost Talent is an mobile narrative project a group of students and myself created for a course called GBDA 202. I was a User Experience Designer for this project.

For more information about this project, please visit the link below.


This is an audio narrative I created last year for a course I took called GBDA 202. For this project, students were assigned partners to tell each other a personal story and create a visual piece through the usage of audio narrations, sound effects and foley sounds. I used adobe Audition to create final result of this project and it was featured for the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus Showcase in March 2015. 



This was a project a group of students and I designed for a course I took, GBDA 228. We created a website layout that promoted volunteering abroad experiences for students.