NitroManager is a game design project that was created for SapientNitro. We created this game prototype for their employees to manage their projects over different geographies and to keep track of them within a given time period. This was to encourage employees to learn the fundamentals of project management within their company.

I was one of the visual designers of this game and my main task in this project was to create the game characters, animations and assets. I worked with an amazing team with four other students, Filip Jadczak, Abbie Goulet, Marissa Harley and Ariana Cuvin. We called our team DesPlay which was a combination of Design and Play to show in display.  




In our game, we have five characters that appear throughout the gameplay. They all represent five different job positions: Business, Financial, Marketing, Development and Design. Each character has their own desk and they are all working together towards a project a client assigns them. There are six different clients in the game, however there are only three that appear in our game demo. As the one of the Visual Designers for this project, I designed these characters in an 8-bit vector style using Adobe Illustrator CC. I made an initial design and then collaborated with our other Visual Designer to make our designs match each other well to complete the final character design. Once that was achieved, I had to create all five characters in different states in order for them to be animated.

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The sprite sheet of Business girl's walking actions

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For more information about our game and progress, feel free to watch our videos. All videos were created by Abbie Goulet.


Filip Jadczak
Project Manager & Developer

Abbie Goulet
Video Manager & Co-menu creator

Marissa Harley
Secretary & Lens Specialist

Ariana Cuvin
Menu Creator & Asset Designer

Anjelica Maglinao
Character & Asset Designer


Towards the final deadline of this project, I had the opportunity to create a logo for team DesPlay through Filip Jadczak and Abbie Goulet's guidance. We wanted to make a simple design but have a creative approach with words and device screens. Besides the logo, I also created illustrations of each team member (as shown above). As a team, we all decided create t-shirts, posters and stickers for our presentation. This project was a success as we were able to provide a functional prototype of the game on an ipad and many of our testers enjoyed the visuals and the gameplay. Overall, this is one of the projects I am most of proud of to partake in.

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