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Emerge was my final project I had to complete for one of my capstone courses. I was the visual designer and prototype presenter for this project.


NitroManager is a game design project that was created for SapientNitro. I was one of the visual designers of this game and my main task in this project was to create the game characters, animations and assets. 




Seize the Data

Seize the Data is a group project that I was a part for a course I took. I was the UI designer where I created all the visual assets (character, screens, and buttons) for our web browser game.

This is a documentary about YouTube's social impact on Canadian and American economies. I was one of the illustrators for the video's animation and I was the narrator.

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Quick Click

Quick Click was a RSA Submission that a team and I had to complete for one of my capstone courses. My roles for this project was Visual designer, User testing Observer and Video creator. 


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