We spent the rest of that afternoon brainstorming our ideas on a whiteboard in the project room. At that point, I was going to be the Visual Designer and Filip was going to continue being the Developer. The game was going to be an Android app for now. We decided to go for an underwater type theme for the game and the circles were going to be transparent bubbles. After that meeting with Filip, I drew more visual ideas in my sketchbook the following night.


One day I was spending an afternoon at the Stratford campus trying to complete some projects with Filip. All of a sudden he told me he made a game app on his phone. As he was showing me the game, Filip explained that during the summer he was playing around with Processing and managed to create a game of circles floating from the top of the screen. The objective was to touch all the circles before it reaches the bottom of the screen and there was a counter on the bottom. Filip let me play the game on his phone for awhile and it reached to a point where I got really into the game and beat the highest score at the time. I had a score of 2730 circles popped. I was really impressed on what he had accomplished at the time and hoped that he would continue working on this game. That's when I eventually joined him in this project...



Aqua Pop is a simple (yet addicting) app game my classmate Filip Jadczak and I are currently in the process of creating and developing as a fun side project. 



With Filip's guidance, we decided to make our game design in a vector style. Using this style would make our game appear clear and visible for our users to play the game easily. I am now in the process of designing the bubble's appearance throughout the game where there may be powerups involved and the screen design for the highscore page. Once that is complete and implemented within the device, we will continue to conduct user testing.


Filip and I are looking forward to making this game fully functional in the future, and hope to release this game in the Google Play Store.