The ArtTech Movement is aimed at supporting artists in linking their creative visions to new technologies. As communities of creators grow, it lays the foundation to attract businesses interested in innovating in the art - tech space.

ArtTech is an experience that a team and myself created for the University of Waterloo's uXperience 2.0 Camp that took place October 2016. I mainly created the visual content (images and logo) towards our final presentation.

We were given the following problem:

My team decided to walk around downtown Stratford and interview residents about issues that occur frequently in Stratford. After their brief interviews, we all brainstormed our ideas in a project room with a bunch of sticky notes.

“What would you do TODAY to strengthen the connectivity challenges in the interests of furthering Stratford’s Creative economy and overall community prosperity?”


As we decided to approach this challenge by creating this experience, we designed this plan into three phases to introduce this to the Stratford community in the future. I created vectorized photo manipulated images to depict our vision for ArtTech. 

City Hall

This image is part of Phase Zero, where Art Tech have Pop Up Booths at Local Community Events and at these events, we hope to set up a stand featuring an interactive piece of art-tech.

Cooper Site

Phase Three: The Centre of ArtTech in Canada Renovate the Cooper Site and create a large tech space and hub for individuals and corporations to use and reuse.



For the logo, I wanted to create a simple and straightforward design that depict the initials of Art and Technology. 

Throughout the camp, I was assigned into a team. I worked with Amirah Mahomed, Daniel Ruginets, Bahareh Sarrafzedeh and Katrina Schouten. We were all an enthusiastic group of students that worked well together to come up with this experience in a 48-hour time period. We also had the opportunity to pitch our idea to the judges and the rest of the participants in the camp. As a result, our team won first place and we were able to present this to the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus Advisory Board meeting a few weeks after the camp. In the future, we plan to pitch this idea to a representative at City Hall.