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My name is Anjelica Maglinao. What makes me unique already is the spelling of my first name. To make it easier for others to say my name, they just call me Jelly. I am a recent graduate from the Global Business and Digital Arts program at the University of Waterloo.


I grew up with a burning desire to constantly create something for others to see. I always strive to improve the quality of my work. Here's what I am interested in learning and improving : 


Visual Designer.

UI design



Video Production

Illustration & Graphic Design

Web & App Development

Abbie Goulet

UX Designer, Canadian Tire Innovations 

"Anjelica has a great eye for detail and always adds a lot of personality into her design work. I have had the pleasure of working with Anjelica on multiple multimedia projects. She always creates beautiful assets and consistently proves herself to be a valuable member in every team. Anjelica always does what she says she will and she looks out for others on the team to make sure the work is divided evenly, offering to take on more work if she feels someone else is overwhelmed.  I love working with Anjelica and I would definitely choose to work with her again in the future if given an opportunity. She will make a valuable asset to any future team she is on, and from GBDA I've had the pleasure of seeing her grow tremendously in design and have gotten to know such a nice and friendly person who I am happy to call one of my really good friends."


Harshida acharya

Senior Innovation Specialist, Scotiabank Enterprise Innovations

"Anjelica is an outstanding intern and as been eager to be coached every step of the way. Her contributions have been consumed by the wider Scotiabank audience including videos, infographics and presentations. Anjelica developed a number of transferable "soft-skills" and business acumen during her work term here. She is a self-starter that takes initiative, is always willing to put her hand up to help. Anjelica is creative and has offered great ideas to improve communication design. She has a great attitude and was an overall pleasure to work with."

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